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this is the part that gets me the most. she goes limp in his arms, quietly trying to pull herself together.

I also love the way she looked at him right before she sat next to him, she was trying so hard not to break and then she just buried her head in his chest and started crying, she broke only in front of him and in his arms, so amazing, so love this scene, so sad and so hopeful at the same time, so love it.

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whatifellinlovewith спросил(a): Hey, so I'm kinda knew to this Sims 3 thing, so how would one download the loft/Hamptons house/Beckett's apartment, and then move them or whatever so they can be used in our profiles?

Sorry, I’ve read your question several times and still don’t quite get what you saying. What profiles are you talking about? Game? Yes, you can download the loft or anything else made by me and use it in your game.